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Over the last 12 years, the “Direct To You Online” group has firmly established itself as the shopping destination of discerning customers. We pride ourselves on being able to offer personal advice and we have been successful in helping our customers compliment their home with light fittings that not only fulfill a desired function but also enhance their living space. As we only source products from suppliers that ensure both quality and an excellent after-sales commitment, our customers can be rest assured that their purchase will result in total satisfaction.

The Outdoor Lighting Centre is part of an established Web Retail company which encompasses fine Italian lighting at the Italian Lighting Centre ( , beautiful Table Lamps at the Table Lamp Emporium.( , designer Kitchen lighting ( exclusive bathroom lighting ( that is unique in design and overall aesthetic effect.

Our mission is to work with quality lighting and furniture suppliers from Italy and the rest of Europe. This ensures that we are able to offer you a diverse range of beautiful carefully-crafted products. We communicate regularly with our European suppliers in order that we can be sure of offering fittings in which the supplier has invested both time and creativity.

We hope that you too will find what you are looking for here and that you will trust us with your next project. As our offering is regularly updated we always welcome communication from customers that haven’t yet found something to match their exact needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Lorraine Tyas

Direct To You Online Limited is a V.A.T Registered company. V.A.T. number 998 7256 38

Company Registration number 7175943
Why Buy From Us
  1. It is our business so we really do care about our customers and the service we provide.
  2. We have been supplying Outdoor Lighting for over 12 years Online.
  3. The largest range of Outdoor Lights in the UK. We import lights from Italy, Germany, Sweden and Spain so we can offer unique styles and products that are hard to source.
  4. Sales Staff with excellent product knowledge and available to offer great advice.
  5. We have great relationships with our manufacturers, so any product issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently.
  6. If you don't like the lights, there is no re-stocking charge. We make it very easy to return your lights and get a refund on your order.
  7. We work with a wide range of commercial lighting consultants and landscape designers and can offer a style of lighting to meet any project needs or landscape design.
1 x Nordlux Ara To Go Black 2118245003 Portable Solar Light
2 x Astro Lighting 1312005 Gramos Coastal Round Brass Ground Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1202003 Beam Four LED Wall Light
1 x Nordlux Ara To Go White 2118245001 Portable LED Light
2 x Astro Lighting 1378003 Cromarty 120 LED Brushed Stainless Steel
1 x Nordlux Sponge 34 Floor 2018154003 Portable Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1401007 Bayville Spike Spot LED Black
1 x Nordlux Kettle Tripod 100 ht Portable 2018044003 Black Stand
1 x Astro Lighting 1312001 Gramos Round Stainless Steel Ground Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1378002 Cromarty 100 LED Brushed Stainless Steel
2 x Nordlux Bob To Go 2118085062 Bamboo Solar Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1375007 Jura Spike Spot Coastal Brass Spotlight
2 x Astro Lighting 1312004 Gramos Coastal Square Brass Ground Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1401008 Bayville Spike Spot LED Textured Grey
1 x Astro Lighting 1378001 Cromarty 100 LED Aluminium Ground Light
2 x Astro Lighting 1386001 Skye Spike Spotlight Stainless Steel
2 x Astro Lighting 1312003 Gramos Square Stainless Steel Ground
1 x Nordlux Nuru Rose Gold 48275058 Portable Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1175005 Tango LED Polished Stainless Steel
1 x Astro Lighting 1202002 Beam Two LED Wall Light
1 x Nordlux Sponge 20 To Go 2018145003 Portable Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1401012 Bayville Spike Spot 900 LED Spotlight
1 x Astro Lighting 1201002 Terra 42 LED Aluminium Ground Light
2 x Nordlux Kettle 22 Portable 2018003003 Light
1 x Nordlux Sponge 20 Table 2018135003 Portable Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1401024 Bayville Spike Spot 900 Twin Spotlight
1 x Astro Lighting 120003 Terra Round 28 LED Stainless Steel Ground
2 x Astro Lighting 1201004 Terra Square 28 LED Exterior Ground
1 x Nordlux Leo To Go Bamboo 2118095062 Solar Portable Light
1 x Astro Lighting 1202001 Beam One LED Wall Light
1 x Nordlux Kettle 36 Portable 2018013003 Light
1 x Nordlux Fuse 77518031 Galvanised Outdoor Light
Lorraine can provide you with lighting advice.

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